Slot Hopper

Slot Hopper

Having a Slot Hopper is a great idea if you are looking to improve the efficiency of your casino’s slots. The Hopper will allow you to have more than one storage area for the coin and drop buckets. This will allow you to keep track of the payback percentage as well as the amount of coins and drops that have been filled.

Payback percentage

Whether you’re playing a slot machine in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or your local bar and grill, it’s likely you’re not the only one on hand. This is why casinos are always looking for the next big thing to entice patrons. You can even try out the latest in slot gaming technology – a fancy touchscreen monitor – at an online casino. While you’re at it, you might as well try out the nifty spin on a blackjack game. Alternatively, you could try your luck at a video poker game. If you’re lucky, you might even get a shot at a hand-held game console.

The real question is, what is the payback percentage of your slot machine? To make the job easier, you could use a software-based slot machine that you could play on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

Coin hoppers

Usually, Slot Hoppers and coin hoppers are placed below the payout tray of the slot machine. In some slot machines, the hopper is placed on the base of the machine. The hopper contains the coins which are ejected into the payout tray.

In gaming machines, hoppers need to be enclosed, accessible, and capable of detecting unauthorized removal of coins. It also needs to be able to operate in an electrically noisy environment. The present invention provides a weighing apparatus for coin hoppers that automatically calculates the number of coins in the hopper and adjusts for authorized coin removals.

The hopper is weighed at periodic intervals. The results are stored in a variable memory 110. If the hopper is not calibrated, an error message is returned. If an unauthorized removal of coins from the hopper occurs, the difference is reported to a theft control system.

The coin count is calculated using a formula: C=ROUND ((HW – TW / CW) / CW). The accumulator weight is divided by N_SAMP when after N_SAMP samples. The resultant hopper weight is then compared to the hopper tare weight. The resultant weight is then stored as a new tare weight value. If the error count exceeds the maximum error value, the hopper weight process is stopped.

The coin count can be read electronically and can be stored in a remote storage. This allows for easy monitoring and centralized communication of slot machine activity. In addition, the operation of the gaming machine can be monitored by a central security station.

The hopper can be moved from slot machine to slot machine. However, this process can result in downtime. If the machine is jammed, it can cause downtime and also cause theft of coins.

Drop buckets

Traditionally slot machines are installed on cabinet type bases. This allows for a much more streamlined installation process. Some machines require a bit more room to operate. Fortunately, a dedicated slot base cabinet unit can accommodate up to four casino machines. Several vendors manufacture these systems. These machines are typically equipped with ticket printers to expedite payouts.

As a bonus, some of the machines are fitted with a secondary coin hopper. In addition to coins, these machines may also use cash. This is not to be confused with a traditional coin compartment. This system has a hopper that accepts a ticket, a bucket for cash, and a secondary hopper for coins. This allows the slot machines to be positioned as close as possible. Several of these systems have lockable compartments.

Aside from the coin hopper, there is also a central coin bucket accessed through a locking door. This system has been designed to maximize efficiency by reducing the number of times a machine is accessed. The best part is that the system can be operated remotely.

The system also has a maintenance feature that enables the removal of a jammed coin hopper. The system is also scalable in the sense that it can be used in tandem with a small box for storing retrieved coins. It is also easy to install and service. Lastly, the base is available in a number of configurations and can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs. These units are suitable for commercial applications and are suited to casino operators looking to maximize the ROI on their slot machines. Designed as a modular system, these units can be configured to accommodate multiple machines, allowing for optimal performance.

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