Best Books Every Book-Loving Gamblers Should Read

Best Books Every Book-Loving Gamblers Should Read

If you are a gambler who is also a bookworm, nothing beats your lazy day better than a good book to read, especially if it is about gambling. Because of this, you should know which are the best books every book-loving gamblers should read and what to read that will make your pastime enjoyable and productive.

Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas by Natasha Dow Schull

If you think that this book is a how-to guide to stop gambling addiction, it is not. Even though you say that you are not a gambling addict, this book is still interesting and helpful for you. Through this book, you will learn how to avoid becoming one by knowing how machines in the casinos operate, causing gambling addicts to play more.

Although this book is not a how-to guide for gambling addicts, it will help you understand the gaming machines' psychology. It will hook your mind on something interesting that no other books of the same genre can do.

Casino Gambling for Dummies by Kevin Blackwood – Book-Loving Gamblers Should Read

If you know Kevin Blackwood, you know that it does not refer to the American professional wrestler. You know that it relates to the professional blackjack gambler who authored several books. One of them is Casino Gambling for Dummies.

If you are a casino newbie, you will benefit from this book as what you can expect from Dummies books. It contains tons of information and pieces of advice, which are helpful not only for new gamblers but also to the experienced ones if you are looking for something fresh to read.

The Frugal Gambler by Jean Scott

This Frugal Gambler book, written by Jean Scott, an advantage player, and a former teacher, is an excellent read for casual gamblers. In this book, Scott provides his piece of advice on how to maximize the comp systems in any casinos.

Many gamblers claim that the advice that you will read from this book works.

The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver

Nate Silver is not a gambler. That is why you cannot expect that his book, The Signal and the Noise, to be a gambling how-to or advice book. However, it is still an advisable refreshing book that gamblers should read because it helps you improve one of the most crucial skills that every gamer should have: predicting.

Although Silver is not a gambler, he is a statistician. In his book, he used statistics and probability to analyze baseball, elections, and even poker.

You will read case studies in these areas.

Gripped by Gambling by Marilyn Lancelot – Book-Loving Gamblers Should Read

Whether you are a man or a woman, a gambling addict or not, you will benefit from this book as long as you are a gambler. This book is a memoir of Lancelot's struggle with this issue. She disclosed all her issues starting from alcoholism, drugs, overeating, and gambling until these issues led her to commit embezzlement.

Even though you think that you are not a gambling addict and that there is no way that you will become like Lancelot, it is still a worthwhile read. You will learn a lot from her experience so that you can avoid the mistakes she made.

There are more book-loving gamblers should read, just check them in every gambling sites you visit.

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